Wednesday, November 09, 2005

_________: the new _________

1. Blogging: the new futile complaining
2. 30: the new 20
3. Bachelors Degrees: the new tamagochi
4. Internet: the new reality
5. Pink: the new black
6. Bare Feet: the new Dock Martens
7. Sushi: the new fondue
8. iPods: the new hand (as in "talk to the hand")
9. Flipped up collars: the new not-flipped-up collars
10. Gasoline: the new Evian
11. Doing nothing: the new doing something
12. DVDs: the new laserdiscs
13. Pants: the new toga
14. Lists: the new paragraph
15. Scrapbooks: the new crackpipes
16. Identity theft: the new throwing rotten fruit at passing cars.
17. Skateboarding: still skateboarding
18. Boot cut: the new cargoes
19. Pants under dress/skirt: the new wearing something that doesn't look stupid.
20. Blackberry thing: the new brain.
21. Hummus: the new grapefruit.
22. Zantrex 3: the new amazing super pill


T.R. said...

Paisley: the new plaid

Anonymous said...

glasses: the new monocle

flip phone: the new braided belt (that is fad that doesn't make sense)

text messaging: the new coward's way out

OCD: the new ADD

underground: the brave new world

les schwab said...

'them wristbands': the new slap on bracelets

half shirts(aka 'boob-slings'):the new 'pegged' pants

scarves: the new lap dog

pre-worn out jeans: the new old worn out jeans

low carb diets: not new anymore, nobody cares

The latest local sports team that ends in -zz: also no longer new, nobody cares

Iraq: the new Vietnam (not to be confused with the old Iraq)

100 disc cd changers: the new slide-rule

Bright Eyes: the new Frampton or Donovan, take your pick

Hummer SUVs: the new stegasaurus

Texas hold 'em?: not sure, but also new, faddy

Mormon: the new gay

T.R. said...

Bush: the new Bush
iPod nano: the new phylactary
Google Juice: the new Moxie
Donkey Oil: the new Google Juice
Spandex Jumpsuits: the new every other kind of clothing (or will be eventually, probably, according to Flash Gordon and a bunch of other movies).

Michelle 2021 said...

Paris Hilton: the new Marie Antoinette
Your own syndicated show: the new “Let them eat cake”
A cancelled, awesome show: the new War of 1812 (as in: Why didn’t it last longer? Everything was going so well...)
Shiny new IPod: the new thing my brother has that I really want
Anonymous posts: the new and digital drive-by shooting
Wal-Mart : the new Empire ("Many Bothans died to bring us this information.")

Anonymous said...

White: The new black.

Lowercase "i": the new most popular prefix ever and celebrity of the alphabet.

Anonymous said...

Cell phones: the new doorbell.