Thursday, December 13, 2007

Things about Salt Lake

That I will miss, if I really move to Arizona

1. Family/Friends
2. Cold
3. Snow
4. Pioneer Day
5. Fry Sauce and Pastrami Burgers
6. Liberty Park
7. The Broadway Theatre
8. The "Nu-Crisp" popcorn sign in Sugarhouse
9. SWAB lunches
10. Being far away enough from Las Vegas
11. Gallivan Center
12. The ridiculous southbound I-15 billboards

That I won't miss, if I really move to Arizona

1. People who I don't like
2. Too much cold
3. Too much snow
4. Being so far from Mexico
5. Running in pants and fleece instead of shorts
6. Inversion
7. Orrin Hatch


allyson elizabeth said...

You might not miss Orrin Hatch, but you forgot about Sheriff Joe. Look him up, he's badasses that break the law.

cate said...

Things I will miss if you move to Arizona:
1. TR
2. Being able to frequently make fun of Arizonans
3. Most especially TR
4. Oh TR I will miss you.

Michelle 2021 said...

I might be going to Arizona this summer...then coming back to boring old SLC. Could be fun.