Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Them Wristbands

Causes and Colors:
Yellow.....Lance and Cancer ("Lancer"?)
Red........Blood donation
Blue.......Tsunami relief
Multi......Nothing. The wristband factory.
Multi......Touist shop in (your vacation spot here)
??.........Mormon gift shops

Soapdish life extender
King Crab claw restrainer
Rubber band ball enhancer
Low calorie chewing gum substitute
Ugly, uncomfortable, self-promoting fashion statement
Classroom projectile
Cranium squeezer
Newspaper roll retention system

"Swirly Patterns" entry for "Them Wristbands".

2 comments: said...

there are camoflage ones for boy/cub scouts. don't ask me about how I know this.

junior colleges, by the way, seem to be wristband dispersal hubs. -for better or for worse.

T.R. said...

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