Friday, September 23, 2005

Energy Drinks

Ones that are disgusting, far past the point of drinkability:
1. Red Bull
2. All of the rest


An American Schmuck in London said...

Reasons I love this this blog:

1. It's random
2. It's created by TR

Reasons it's random:

1. It's pointless
2. It's created by TR

Reasons it's pointless:

1. The lists of items are contradictory
2. It's created by TR

Reasons lists are contradictary:

1. Lists can't contain everything
2. Its created by TR

Reasons lists can't contain everything:

1. It isn't specific enough
2. It is a TR list and TR lists are counterproductive to read

Reasons lists need to be specific:

1. They don't contain usable information and I will only laugh at them
3. Otherwise they are probably created by TR

Reasons it is good I laugh at unspecific lists:

1. I love laughing
2. It allows me to enjoy TR's random blog

Reasons I laugh:

1. Randomness
2. TR says or writes something

Reasons I laugh at these lists:

1. It's random
2 It's created by TR

T.R. said...

Things about Schmuck's comment:
1. Excellent use of list form.
2. Way too long
3. Written by Schmuck

These attributes are:
1. Good.

An American Schmuck in London said...

TR's Comment On Schmuck's Comment is:

1. Obvious
2. Not helpful
3. Unproductive
4. Random
5. Written by TR

That doesn't matter because it is:

1. Funny
2. Not unfunny
3. Amusing
4. Stupendous

T.R. said...

things that this thread has become:
1. too long
2. out of control
3. closed. forever.