Saturday, September 24, 2005

Things that make the drive

from Salt Lake to San Francisco not boring, despite what everyone says:

1. The Great Salt Lake and Saltair
2. Towns like Delle and Winnemucca, which make you feel good about wherever you are from
3. The Tree of Utah
4. Antelope
5. The Salt Flats
6. Seeing "BM" printed on the hillside in Battle Mountain, NV (voted "armpit of america" by some magazine)
7. That weird Tim Burton house covered in antlers right after Winnemucca
8. Donner Pass and Lake Tahoe
9. That hilarious "Lobster Buffet" billboard with the weird lobster lady near Reno


An American Schmuck in London said...

Things you can do while driving to further spice up the ride:

1. Talk on your cell phone the entire time (Make sure to use one that requires the use of at least one hand... especially if your car is a stick shift... and always have it to your ear pretending to talk even if there is no one on the line)

2. At stop lights that are red... keep inching forward further and further into the intersection because this will make it turn green faster.

3. Listen to the YMCA. Also dance to it as well and make sure not to miss any of the letters. Also tap the gas and break pedals randomly to the beat. Also keep your eyes on the rear-view mirror so you know that you are doing everything correctly. It will be fun.

4. At night flash your brights on people as long as you can. It makes them drive funny and it's fun. They think it's funny too.

5. Play the horn game: if you can hold your horn down during the entire trip you win and everyone will respect you for 2 weeks

6. Play the siren game: keep speeding up 5 mph ever 1 minute until either A- Your car tops out (It's a tie-- you must keep waiting for siren and go to step B to win) B- You hear a siren (If you can make the siren disappear without stopping you win!) C- You die (You lose)

7. Play chicken with oncoming traffic (combine with siren game for extra good time).

8. Stop at the side of the road next to a hill and stare open mouthed down it while furiously switching between a camera and binoculars. When you feel like you have a big enough audience, moon, get back in car, drive, start playing siren game.

9. Play a little joke on a the highway patrol... see if you can trick them into thinking you are drunk. They will think it's really funny and then let you go. NOTE: The siren game is required to set this up.

10. See if you can make yourself really pretty while driving. Use your rear-view mirror and a make-up kit. If you are a guy do it anyway because you can wipe if off when you're done (the highway patrol will also think it is funny after playing the siren game).

T.R. said...

Things that happened on our way:

1. some lady gave us some chips for the Red Garter casino in wendover since she was headed back to CA

Things we forgot to do on the way back:

1. stop at Red Garter

An American Schmuck in London said...
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