Monday, October 31, 2005

Last Minute Budget Costumes

1. Mummy

2. Superhero

3. Michael Moore

4. Streaker

5. Elephant

6. Robot

7. Alien


Anonymous said...

great ideas it's always hard to think of things so now i have a few ideas for next yearxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

very creative remington. i'm thinking mummy tonight after being mr rogers on saturday. thanks to you. also i interested in the simplicity of being a streaker, i've never thought of undressing instead of dressing up. good luck ghost hunting.

TR Tyler said...


Have never been prouder to be a heart beats at the same speed my friend...and I have decided to go out and buy spray paint so I can appear as what you call an "ALIEN"

kel said...

best overall: superhero
coolest concept: elephant
pumpkin smasher's choice: Michael Moore

jackie smaz said...

and speaking of best overall, i second kel's motion. (and don't forget ingles)

jackie the smaz said...

I mean, things that I second:

1. kel's motion
2. and ingles
3. sorry for the mistake tr
4. even after I knew the rules
5. halloween

An American Schmuck in London said...

Things that should have been added to list:


2. Nothing else

T.R. said...

1. Good point
2. Thanks you